Get a funky Hairstyle in a Salon in Pune

Boys usually copy hairstyles from their favourite television shows or a celebrity inspiration. They take ideas from the magazines and through the internet. Boys having curly hair can style an afro look in a funky way. Apart from that they can also straighten their hair by using straightening machines. You can find them anywhere at a cosmetic store or at a departmental store. So a little effort can change and enhance your look

Men have to be constantly on the go when they are out and have to look good. Therefore moving out of their house with a hairstyle that suits them becomes a necessary part. Also guys are always ready to try up different hair styles no matter what the outcome may look like. Young boys are usually seen with new styles such as spiked haircut, side haircut, formal look, short buzz, half coloured, half bangs etc. One should always experiment with it. Whether it is about the hair cut, hair colour or hair style. We will be sharing some funky hair styles pictures that you wouldn’t be able to ignore at all.

Trying these hairstyles with funky outfits can bring a real swag for men. You could walk into any hair salon in Pune and get these hairstyles done

Double Layer Undercut




This undercut style features a short trimmed part under the main, longer hair part, and another shaved hairline under the short trimmed one. This creates a double layer effect which is particularly impactful if you pair it with a full long beard.




 Lengthy Tousled Hairstyle




A perfect hairstyle will make you gain everyone’s attention. If you plan to enhance your looks then spend some time on styling your hair. Hairstyles keep changing time to time. Teenage boys who have short, medium or long hair can try out million ways to style their hair.





Funky hairstyle with beard.



It’s a good thing that boys’ bands are back. This hair cut for men would be right at home and in college. To get the height of this look, the styling is mostly natural. Go a couple of shades lighter on top for extra personality.





 Short Undercut Hair




Men who aren’t into long hair can still enjoy the supreme level of stylishness with this short and sweet undercut hair. With a well-groomed beard that is clean-shaven on the cheeks, the overall impression is classic and modern without having to try hard




Long all-around Undercut




This is definitely a hairstyle for young men. Get an undercut that can be not extremely short and wear the longer section swept to one side or gathered into a man bun.




There are a number of parlours in Pune that are specialised in giving funky haircuts to men and young boys. You walk into any one of them with a picture and they would get the job done. Find the best beauty solutions and salons in Pune, all at one place. Haircut styling, skincare, manicures, bridal, makeup, facials, massages and much more can all be found online.


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