Hairstyles and colours offered at Salons in Pune

Style is of utmost importance to most people residing in metropolitan cities. The need to stand out and either follow the trends or be a trend setter is an aspiration of many. Pune is a city filled with youth who want to express themselves in different ways especially with fashion. The latest trend is funky hairstyles and colours that turn a lot of heads. The whole rebel look followed by a shock and awe reaction is what Salons in Pune are offering.

Hair colours are now seen as an artistic expression. As a beauty parlor in Pune, it is important to keep up with the latest styles and trends.  It is amazing what hairstylists can do and give people their own individuality just with a few colours. There are two techniques trending that hairstylists use for this colour -Balayage hair and Ombre hair. The former involves sweeping different sections of strands in different colours whereas the latter involves creating a shadow effect by merging colours.

We’re going to take you through a couple of hair colours that are not only the latest trends but also super cool:


  1. Denim Blue


Blue is a colour that most rebels love. The electric blue has been quite popular however, denim blue is now the latest trend. This colour is a more subtle dusty blue and works well with short hair. The colour gives you a classy look without being too loud.



  1. Rainbow hair

hair 3



For those who think one colour is not enough, there is always the rainbow hair look. These vivid colours really make one’s hair pop. Hairstylists use different techniques for this colour like the Ombre or Balayage style. Your hair will literally look like a work of art.





  1. Pastel Colours

hairstyle 4

Pastel hair colours are currently a huge trend. For those who think that neon colours are a little too bold for their taste, lighter shades also look amazing. You could go with a mix of different colours, a single colour or even different shades of one colour.



  1. Neon Hair


A complete show stopper, neon hair is for people who love bold colours that really shout out. The latest trend however is to have a mix and match of these colours to create amazing effects. It is a great party look with the strips all done up in different hues of neon colours that blend in beautifully from roots to tips.


Go ahead and be daring. Hair colours can surprisingly be a confidence booster. Pune is a city that is extremely style conscious with a number of salons. As a hair salon in Pune, it is imperative to have the latest hair dyes and know the latest hairstyle trends. However, you cannot go to just any parlour so you may have to do your research when it comes to sporting these hair colours. You can go online to find the best beauty solutions including haircut styling, skincare, manicures, bridal, makeup, facials, massages and more.


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